Who are the authors of the National Reform Programme (NRP)?

Each EU country carries the full responsibility for its own NRP. This increases the involvement of the Member States with the Europe 2020 Strategy and the integrated guidelines.

The final responsibility for the NRP lies with the Government. In Belgium where important fields are under the partial or exclusive responsibility of the Regions and Communities, it is obvious that this requires close cooperation between the Federal Government and the governments of the Regions and Communities. The final NRP is approved by the different governments. This consultation takes place within a Policy Monitoring Committee set up for that purpose and also within the Consultative Committee between the different authorities.

The Policy Monitoring Committee is chaired by the secretary of the Consultative Committee and is composed of representatives of the Minister-Presidents (of the Regions and Communities), the Deputy Prime Ministers, The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Secretary of State for European Affairs, and, if the committee considers it necessary, also representatives of other involved public services.

The drafting was undertaken by a Drafting Committee headed by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.  Further members of the Drafting Committee: the FPS Finance, The Federal Planning Bureau (in collaboration with the FPS Economy), the FPS Social security and the FPS Employment. The Regions and Communities are also represented in the Drafting Committee. 


Finally, Parliaments are also engaged in the drafting process. The Federal Parliament is asked to make a contribution beforehand to the Policy Monitoring Committee. To this end, Parliament organises hearings in which the Ministers who are most directly involved participate. The matters dealt with in the NRP make a dialogue with the social partners absolutely essential. This dialogue takes place through the Central Economic Council and the National Employment Council. Civil Society is also consulted through the Federal Council for Sustainable Development. All those instances are asked to advise the Government and the Drafting Committee in the drafting of the programme.